With the rise of authoritarianism in America, we're here to help fight against the globalist agenda, with the ferocity of Spartan warriors, and maintain our rights and freedoms while building a roaring engine of a new parallel economy. We want to support the building of it with alternative technologies, cryptocurrency, new decentralized business strategies, with online and offline building of skills.


We have a variety of parallel economy educational training content available. With special focus on making bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology easy and more adoptable. As well as sales, business management, and entrepreneurship for patriotic businesses and individuals.

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Strategy consulting is available for patriot owned business and entrepreneurs.

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Books on sales and entrepreneurship in the parallel economy.

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Free Worksheet-Jira Workflow Checklist

Jira Workflow Checklist Use this 25 question checklist when planning and documenting custom workflows.  Make sure all needed elements are considered and in place! Get it here: Jira Workflow Checklist – Strategy for JIRA

Free Worksheet-JIRA Plugin and Add-on Vetting Procedure

JIRA Plugin and Add-on Vetting Procedure There are a plethora of plugins and add-on features available in the Atlassian Marketplace. But haphazard installs and free trials can leave behind remnants that negatively impact the system after the trial ends.  You should develop specific procedures for handling add-ons and customization requests. Use these worksheets to craft your…

The 2021 Guide for Outsourcing IT Projects

Check out this guide from BairesDev about nearshore outsourcing of IT projects. Source: The 2021 Guide for Outsourcing IT Projects | BairesDev If your company is interested in adding to your team or outsourcing completely to a development team or needs custom work, fill in the form below and let us connect you.