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2 FREE Personal Trainer Marketing Powerpoint Presentations

2 DONE FOR YOU customizable and educational personal trainer Microsoft Powerpoint presentations.

1. A presentation about how busy people can fit in exercise in a time efficient manner. Can be made into approximately 60 min. presentation. Includes metabolic rate formulas for men and women. Myths vs. Facts. Training principles. References and application of principles.

2. Having a fully implemented health and fitness plan. Presented in a pyramid fashion of basing design of fitness programs around the principles of safety, effectiveness, performance, recovery, and progression. Identifies current problems (too little or loss of muscle, too much fat), criticizes common solutions, provides realistic and safe solutions. Included metabolism calculation exercise, force-velocity curve, F.I.T.T. principle, overload principle, overtraining graph, progression model, pulling it all together. Again emphasizes brief, 30 min. high intensity workouts for maximum effectiveness.

Each of these presentations are generic in appearance and your own branding can be inserted easily. Just take our content and put in your own logo and contact info.

These are great to give as free educational seminars, corporate wellness events, or workshops in your facility.

Click here now and make public speaking and giving health and fitness seminars easy!

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How to Choose the Right Personal Training Studio

Are you ready to take the next step and open your own facility or studio location? Be sure that you go in prepared! You’ll want to have a list of all of your requirements when you go to look at office space or meet with a commercial realtor.

There is nothing worse than some minor, but CRUCIAL requirement you forgot to mention or didn’t think of ahead of time delaying or prohibiting your acquisition of studio space. It happens! It has happened to us multiple times. Some plans and transactions have been stretched out for 9 months or longer because of these very issues. We’ve even had to move away to neighboring states because the locations we were talking to couldn’t meet our requirements.

Things like climate control, location, what floor of the building, rent, security, entry, exit, bathrooms, parking, phone, internet, kitchen, bathrooms, showers, layout, build out, lease stipulations, and especially, ZONING all have to be considered in part and in whole.

Any one of those things could be a deal breaker. Don’t waste time on prospective properties that won’t pan out for you in the end. Go in with a plan and be prepared in your search. It will take a long time and it is a difficult process, so don’t make it any longer than it needs to be.

Get this simple office/studio space check list for your personal training business and know what you’ll need ahead of time and only pursue those properties that best match your requirements. Many people don’t take the fitness industry seriously for understandable reasons. That kind of attitude can inhibit your ability to rent space from a landlord. You’ll look much more professional to a landlord going in if you’re prepared.

Download your checklist here.

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Automatic Online Bookkeeping for Personal Trainers for less than $10/month.

GoDaddy online bookkeeping!

Taxes, payroll, bookkeeping and accounting. These are definitely a few things that stop people from starting businesses and becoming entrepreneurs. It’s just too difficult and too much to think about. And, if you’re boostrapping, it can be really hard to hire someone to do it. But, this might be one of the best inventions for entrepreneurs ever. And it’s cost effective too.

GoDaddy has an automatic bookkeeping service. If you’ve ever used for your personal finances, it works in exactly the same way. Here’s what you do. You simply integrate it with your online business banking and connect your other accounts like Paypal or anywhere else that money might flow in and out of your business.

It will sync easily and you can get an accurate financial picture of what’s going on in your business at any time. It will sync and categorize your expenses. It’s as easy as looking at your online banking screen. You can:

  • Accept payments
  • Automatically record and categorize sales and expenses
  • Create and send invoices
  • Run P&L (profit and loss) reports at any time
  • Simplify your taxes

Some people are running businesses and not keeping track of any financial transactions.  They have no way of knowing where their money is going or what is working.  Hopefully, you’re not one of those people.  But, even if you are, now there’s no excuse.

I like that it is automated.  It’s essentially a robot.  It doesn’t forget.  It will work 24/7.  And is always there when you need it.  It’s a LOT of control back in your hands, while saving you time, for only a few dollars a month.  It’s pretty hard to beat.  I have it working in 2 businesses even with people on staff in these financial roles.  If you have been going without recording financial transactions, just do it now.  You can set it up in minutes and know the health of your business finances almost instantly.  This is easily one of the most useful tools and resources I’ve ever come across for entrepreneurs.  Seriously, top 3.  It’s a no brainer.

Take a look at the comparison chart below.  This isn’t just another form of quickbooks.  It’s automatic.  It’s done for you.  Once you set up the appropriate categories for your income and expenses, it will learn going forward when those transactions occur to categorize them correctly.  It will produce a profit and loss (P&L) report for you immediately at any time.  No data entry required.

Godaddy bookkeeping comparison table

Click to get GoDaddy online bookkeeping!

GoDaddy online bookkeeping!

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Corporate Wellness Workshop Proposal Template

Have you ever been asked to come into a company and do a fitness/health/nutrition/wellness workshop? You probably don’t know how to get your foot in the door. They usually want you to submit a proposal of what your services will entail. But, that’s a hassle to put together. It really is!

This is just such a template for you to customize to your business and service and submit to companies in your area.

Corporate wellness proposal

It’s very simple, it’s done for you. Educational workshops are a great way to gain a bunch of clients all at one time. You can offer it free or you can even be paid by the company or employees for these types of workshops and they can be very enjoyable to do.

In this proposal, you’ll cover:

-Your objectives
-The scope of the service you will offer
-Procedures, implementation
-The company’s responsibilities to prepare
-Benefits of your service

And more! It is a complete and professional looking proposal you can submit to any company or HR person you have in your network to get into your local corporate environment.

Imagine combining this with one of our done for you, but customizable powerpoint presentations. You’ve got a ready made workshop/seminar with very little work on your part.

Click here to start offering corporate wellness workshops and programs immediately in your personal training business.

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Tips for Writing the Best Facebook Ads (With Examples)

We can’t tell you how many people we talk to that are obsessed with facebook ads lately. And for good reason. But, it can be tricky. It’s not as easy as slapping up an ad and getting 300 leads and $10,000 worth of paying clients in one month in a single step. But, a lot of people seem to think that’s going to happen.

This is a good article to help you break down each step in the process to maximize your targeting, and hopefully, your conversions to paying clients.

Check it out here. 9 Tips to Write the Best Facebook Ads Ever (With Examples)