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2 FREE Personal Trainer Marketing Powerpoint Presentations

2 DONE FOR YOU customizable and educational personal trainer Microsoft Powerpoint presentations.

1. A presentation about how busy people can fit in exercise in a time efficient manner. Can be made into approximately 60 min. presentation. Includes metabolic rate formulas for men and women. Myths vs. Facts. Training principles. References and application of principles.

2. Having a fully implemented health and fitness plan. Presented in a pyramid fashion of basing design of fitness programs around the principles of safety, effectiveness, performance, recovery, and progression. Identifies current problems (too little or loss of muscle, too much fat), criticizes common solutions, provides realistic and safe solutions. Included metabolism calculation exercise, force-velocity curve, F.I.T.T. principle, overload principle, overtraining graph, progression model, pulling it all together. Again emphasizes brief, 30 min. high intensity workouts for maximum effectiveness.

Each of these presentations are generic in appearance and your own branding can be inserted easily. Just take our content and put in your own logo and contact info.

These are great to give as free educational seminars, corporate wellness events, or workshops in your facility.

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