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3 Month Men’s and Women’s Boot Camp Curriculum for Your Personal Training Business

You probably originally got on our list looking for a copy of my free report about how personal trainers can double their income. If not, be sure to pick up a copy here.

One of the ways you can add to your personal training income is to create new programs. One of the most popular lately is boot camps. And we’re going to save you a whole heck of a lot of trouble. We’re selling our boot camp programming to you. It’ll be an entire 3 months worth of multiple time per week classes. Don’t waste time creating everything by yourself. Just buy a copy of our done for you programming for 3 whole months. That’s enough to run multiple camps in that time. There is programming specifically for men’s (coed) and women’s classes.

This is a good cheap way for you to add more programming options, train more people in less time, and expand your income even further with little cost to you. Spring is nearly upon us and now is the perfect time to get ready for planning your programming to include your new boot camp option.

For a short time, we’re making it even more affordable. We’re breaking the payment up into 2. It’s only $48.50 spread a month apart.

We’re throwing in a couple of bonuses too. A flyer for you to help market your new program as well as your client intake forms to easily sign up new prospects. The forms include health history and liability waiver. Forms are completely customizable to your business.

Are you ready to start your boot camp this Spring?

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