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Become a Professional Personal Trainer. Start Your Own Business.

If you read our free report on how to double your income as a personal trainer, you know that specializing in a philosophy that will allow you to maximize your time like High Intensity Training (HIT) can allow you to do just that and potentially double your income.

Currently, there is no traditional HIT specialization certification on the market. If you didn’t know, we’ve created a HIT specialization certification. Of course, as you know from being on this list, it is also focused on helping you create a successful business entity not just education in a particular method. It is different in that it now comes with 2 extra free bonus items:

A personal trainer marketing plan template.

And a personal trainer business plan template.

Many of you have been waiting for this for a long time. Well, it’s here. The entire thing can be done virtually, but will thoroughly test your knowledge and, more importantly, instructional competence. You can save on travel costs, but should you choose to do it in person and live or would like to travel, we have several Master Trainers that would be glad to assist you in Las Vegas, Central and Gulf coast Florida, and Ontario, Canada.

Would you like to be a high intensity training specialist and implement the work of Arthur Jones, Ellington Darden, etc.? Sign up and get started today by clicking on the add to cart button below to go to our store to find out more.

Here is a sample practical video.

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