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Medical Crisis Plan. A Must Have Personal Training Business Tool.

In the middle of renewing our insurance policy, I was forced to check the “no” box next to the question; Do you have a medical crisis plan in place? I hadn’t thought of that before. Of course, we have our incident report form which many of you have a copy of already. But, that’s for after the fact. It got me thinking that I would love to know that my staff, in addition to regular CPR/First aid/AED training, knew the exact procedure to take in a medical crisis.

After seeing 2 incidents in the gym (not our clients) in the last couple of weeks, it is something that could be extremely useful. I’ve put one together for us. In the event of legal trouble, it could come in very handy to show that we had forethought and followed the proper protocol we have laid out.

But, generally, make sure you are up to date on CPR/first aid/AED certification and follow those procedures. If you are ever in doubt, go ahead and get the AED and have someone call the EMS. No one should blame you for being cautious. It’s better to have called and not really needed it if you’re not sure what’s going on rather than the alternative.

If you’d like a copy of a general personal trainer medical crisis plan, you can obtain one along with our incident report form. Click here to grab your copy of your medical crisis plan.

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