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Multiple Income Streams for Your Personal Training Business

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you probably know that it’s hard to survive on one product alone. Especially a service like personal training which can be at a premium in many areas. If something were to happen like, say, I don’t know, a global financial crisis (oh wait, that did happen) then it can make it hard for people to feel confident spending a lot on what they still consider “luxury services”. This is where other income streams can come into play and help support the health of your business while other streams my see a decline. Below you’ll find one of the best tools for doing so at a lower price to the consumer, and more time for you. In addition, it can be set to be self guided on auto pilot if you wish and it offers an opportunity for recurring revenue. You should always try to implement programs that have an element of recurring revenue.

Lead capture, marketing and promoting yourself and your services…these are all core business practices for you. The eFitnessTracker system helps with that. Imagine having a tool such as a Fitness Analysis to send people to and be able to capture them as a lead. Or just a Contact Us page for someone to contact you and inquire more about what you have to offer. Do you think that could lead to extra sales for you? Check out some demos:

– Fitness Analysis – (Modern Layout)
– Contact Us – (Classic Layout)

Now what about easily accepting payments online? Setting up recurring monthly payments? Promoting upcoming events such as bootcamps, group classes, etc. and accepting registrations AND payments for those events? Check out some demos:

– Products & Services – (Modern Layout)
– Events Calendar – (Classic Layout)
– Event Registration – (Modern Layout)

You can sign up to get your own site where you can sign up for a no risk free month of full service on a Business Account with PROMO code 1MONTHFREE from the following page (you can cancel anytime with no additional charges):
You have options for different color schemes and logo options. Or if you have your own logo/graphics and/or color scheme, this can be used also for setup of your site and is an option to select on sign up.

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