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Online Personal Training Keeps Getting Better

If I had a dollar for every excuse I’ve heard for NOT getting in shape… oh boy I’d have a lot of dollars. As a personal trainer, you can’t get mad when a prospective client makes excuses. You just can’t take it personally because humans are hardwired to be lazy. But thanks to some really smart technology, now you’ll never let another client walk out the door without purchasing at least one of your personal training packages.


Plus folks who can’t afford to train with you, one-on-one, or in a group session, can now afford this lower-cost
method of getting access to your brain and your training systems. One more thing… If a client quits, you just up-sell, or maybe down-sell in this case, them to online personal training.


Or if a prospective client says they “can’t afford” your personal training programs, you say this:

“No problem, can you afford 66 cents per day? Well, what if
I gave you personal training for 66 cents per day? Would
you get on board with that and get results? Yes, of course
you would. Well great, I’ve got this amazing system called
” ‘whatever you want to label it’ ”

…and literally you will NEVER have to lose another personal training sale again.

Since I’m always preaching done-for-you vs. do-it-yourself,
I’ve included a copy-and-paste email (see below) for you to
send out to your clients right now. Just drop in your
special reseller link and you’ll earn up to 75% lifetime,
recurring commission for every client who gets on board.


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