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Personal Trainer Employee Job Description/Position Contract Sample Template

Below you’ll find an example of our job description and position contract for our personal training staff.  You might recognize that term “position contract” from Michael Gerber’s book, The E-Myth.  I took our job description, expanded it a little and turned it into a signable document that can always be referred back to to see if people are performing their responsibilities.  It clearly lays them out and leaves no grey area which can minimize feelings of resentment or miscommunciation between management and the staff.

It’s good practice to sit down with the employee initially and periodically in the future to review the points laid out in this document.  Feel free to take our sample here below and customize it for your business and staff.

S.P.A.R.T.A. Position Contract and Responsibilities-Independent contractor

S.P.A.R.T.A. is a premium personal training company that operates in several Fitness First locations in the DC Metro area (Leesburg, Ashburn, Reston, Tysons), in client homes and offices and even online.

Position: Personal Trainer (High Intensity Training specialist)

Training with S.P.A.R.T.A. is essentially giving you the freedom to have your own business within our business.  We’d like to help you grow your clientele into a nice sized portfolio supplying you steady, comfortable income and potentially a career.  We are looking for a highly motivated self-starter with ability to juggle multiple clients.  You’ll be a leader, but still part of our team. You’ll be instructing 1 on 1 and small group (2-3 people) sessions in 30 minute blocks.  You’ll likely start part time and move to a full time position if you wish. You’ll be able to build your relationship with the clients right from the beginning starting as a prospect and moving to a qualified lead and finally, to a converted paying client.

Your pay is commission based on the number of sessions you perform in the pay period.  You can track all of your sessions in our online system and you will be compensated based on that number.

Benefits of working with S.P.A.R.T.A.

  • Health Insurance accounts (HSA, etc.)
  • Opportunity for retirement/financial planning with no-commission advisor (IRA, Investment planning, budgeting)
  • Opportunity for further education in specialty certification and advanced education
  • Instant credibility and reputation with reputable company
  • Company support for marketing and lead generation
  • Advanced technical education from Master Trainer
  • Proven safe, effective, and efficient training system already in place
  • Proven effective consultation process and sales system
  • Take credit cards with our payment system
  • Double your income with our training system
  • Increase in pay based on performance annually


Responsibilities you’ll be accountable to include: 

  • Perform a free consultation process and workout
  • Present our program options to the client
  • Set up client gym membership (if applicable)
  • Take payment and notify admin when client begins and stops program
  • Reading required educational materials and creating educational content for clients
  • Commitment to providing PT service based on company philosophy
  • Perform monthly assessments (circumference, body fat %, body wt.)
  • And continue to promote yourself and the company for additional clients through low or no cost efforts
  • Check in with your supervisor once per week with a phone call or in person
  • Should you decide to leave the company, you’ll be expected to notify the company at least 2 weeks in advance and be responsible for training your replacement for your position.

You’ll be expected to work toward being the best you can possibly be at the tasks you’re accountable for.  S.P.A.R.T.A. will be out there hustling to promote you and our guaranteed method to generate prospects for you while you do what you love.  In return, treat those prospects well, show up for ALL appointments and on time, and give them a safe and effective exercise experience so they will continue to refer you more clients as one of the top trainers in the area.  This position reports to administration or owner.  Other responsibilities as assigned.

**I have read and understand the above job description and will fulfill the accountabilities to the best of my ability.


Trainer:  _________________________________.




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