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Free. Personal Trainer Fat Loss Calorie Tracker (for clients). Must Have Business Tool.

Would you like to have more power over fat loss for your clients?

Are most of your clients coming to you for fat loss and you haven’t been able to successfully address the issue?

With this simple weight (fat) loss tool you will be able to accurately track your clients’ caloric intake.

Systems like this one are used all around the world by our trainers and clients. Our clients love it because it allows them to stay consistent, accurate, and accountable. This has been one of our most successful business tools to date.

All the calculations are done for you.
• Completely customizable to your client’s individual needs
• It’s an electronic tool that you can instantly put into use.
• Can be used for every one of your clients and never run out.
• You can see your clients fat loss efforts even when you aren’t with them in person because it is in an email-able format.
• Built in journal and/or notes section for client meals daily and weekly
• Allow easy record keeping for client’s nutritional history.
• It is also in a printer friendly format.
• Can be customized to your business with your name and logo.

How would you like to guarantee fat loss for every single one of your clients? You can do that with this system. Obviously this is something that every trainer needs in his/her toolbox.

Your door will never stop opening if you can guarantee fat loss for your clients. You practically can’t afford not to.

This is a simple easy to understand tool (an excel file) for you and your clients that doesn’t require you to put sketchy software on your computer. It is a simple focus, if your clients are over loaded with different complicated percentages they will not stick to it. It’s a simple spreadsheet that anyone can understand.

If you want to:

1. Skip the work of creating one of these yourself or paying someone hundreds of dollars to do it for you.
2. Have a proven effective system in place.
3. Start getting results immediately.
4. Be able to guarantee results risk free.

Then click here to get your Personal Training Fat Loss Calorie Tracker for your clients.


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