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The Best Ways to Gain More Fitness and Personal Training Clients (17 tactics)

I was recently asked by an associate opening a studio about the best way to gain fitness clients. My response is below.

You’ll need a plan first and foremost. A marketing plan.

*I would pre-sell before you open for a discount or charter membership or something. That way you can hit the ground running at opening.

*Get a few people in for very low fee and make it absolutely mandatory that they give you referrals to maintain that rate.

*Get out and network. Here’s how.

*Post flyers, business cards, and postcards every where.

*Introduce yourself to businesses with similar clientele and try to joint venture.

*Get your friends and family involved as paying clients first.

*Advertise on craigslist all the time.

*Give a free consultation or session.

*Have a NICHE. Like stay at home moms or something. Something very specific and something you can go deep with.

*Give out a referral letter or gift cards in exchange for free sessions to your clients you do have.

*Build an email list and send out a newsletter to stay front of mind. Include a referral link or ask them to send it on to their friends.

*Write prospecting scripts (or buy them here) and get on the phone to drum up new business form your existing contacts. You can call people you already know to see who they know that could benefit from a program like yours’ and see if you can give them a call. It’s not a cold call, you’re tracking down warm leads.

*Have a dynamic website.

*Get a wordpress blog and contribute at least weekly.

*Write a free eBook or report to give to new contacts in exchange for their email address to add to your list.

*Put on a workshop or class for your niche. Make sure you market it appropriately with enough lead time. You’ll probably need a press release, email blasts sent out, a letter or paper tickets, more email blasts, phone calls, and finally, more email blasts to remind everyone to show up. Have them RSVP.

*Buy cheap ads on Facebook and/or Google.

That should hold you for a while.

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