Consulting for Personal Training Businesses – Single Meeting


Private Consulting for Personal Training Businesses. We’re Here to Help.

For years, right from the time I was 19 or 20 years old, I worked in personal training businesses, managed facilities, and owned my own companies.  In every instance we built up full clienteles to the point where we were full to capacity and/or employing a waiting list.  These were high paying clients who regularly paid us $400-$1000 a month every month for years on end with great retention.  I had as many as 76 clients to myself, all doing half hour sessions and were billed automatically each month.  It’s entirely possible to have a profitable, well-oiled personal training machine.

We know finding new leads and clients and selling them on your services is difficult and sometimes uncomfortable.  It’s understandable.  It isn’t for everybody.  We’ve all been there.  Focusing on the business side of things usually isn’t the fun part of personal training.  The training is the fun part.  But, we’re here to help you.

How We Can Help

The business functions of a personal training business usually far outweigh the amount of actual training.  As a result, many trainers neglect these functions.  The more simplified, routine, and even automated your business is, the less you’ll have to concentrate on those aspects and focus on what you love.  Or maybe there are those uncomfortable parts like sales that you don’t like to do.  That’s ok too.  We can work with you so that the people who are coming to you are primed and good candidates for your training service.  In that moment, you can rest assured and be confident that there is a better chance than not that they are serious and you don’t have to employ an arsenal of tricks or gimmicks to “close” them on a package.  We can help make your consultative process become second nature to you.  Speaking of packages, we can also show you how to convert your business to automatic monthly billing rather than constantly reselling packages to clients.

Other Areas in Which We Can Help:

-Setting up your business.
-Maximize your billable time slots.
-Systematizing your processes.
-Automating your business.
-Marketing your fitness business.
-How and where best to advertise.
-Setting up a blog or website.
-Writing in various forms to get your ideas out there.
-Writing a book/ebook.
-Positioning yourself as an expert.
-Building your professional network and your prospective clients list.
-Administrative set up and support.

How It Works

The private consulting program for personal trainers and fitness businesses is a meeting with full attention paid to you by your consultant.  We’ll gather some information from you initially.  

We’ll get in touch with you and schedule a time for a 1-hour phone call to get into the details of what’s not working for you and how to fix it.  You may also get a little bit of homework.  We want to be prepared to maximize the investment.

And once we’re done, I’ll send you a decisive and written plan for what we discussed so you can get to work putting those systems into place immediately.

Need Help Implementing?

We may determine that you need something that may be slightly beyond your expertise of what you can or like to do.  In that case, we won’t leave you hanging.  We have an additional monthly option if further assistance  or accountability to action items or the plan is needed.  In any case, we’ll follow up to determine this and see how your progress is going.

The Cost

There’s no experience like having someone guiding you, or working for you, who has done it before. It’s probably about the cost of 1 training session for you.

The cost for our single consulting meeting is $125/hour.    That’s for:

-Initial info gathering and research.
-A 1 hour strategic and planning phone call with your consultant.
-A written business systems plan customized to your business based on what we learned from your call.

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