Corporate Wellness Workshop Proposal Template


Have you ever been asked to come into a company and do a fitness/health/nutrition/wellness workshop? You probably don’t know how to get your foot in the door. They usually want you to submit a proposal of what your services will entail. But, that’s a hassle to put together. It is!

This is just such a template for you to customize to your business and service and submit to companies in your area.

It’s very simple, it’s done for you. Educational workshops are a great way to gain a bunch of clients all at one time. You can offer it free or you can even be paid by the company or employees for these types of workshops and they can be very enjoyable to do.

In this proposal, you’ll cover:

-Your objectives
-The scope of the service you will offer
-Procedures, implementation
-The company’s responsibilities to prepare
-Benefits of your service


And more! It is a complete and professional looking proposal you can submit to any company or HR person you have in your network to get into your local corporate environment.

Imagine combining this with one of our done for you, but customizable powerpoint presentations. You’ve got a ready made workshop/seminar with very little work on your part.

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