Personal Trainer Business Course

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Throughout this 16-lesson course, you’ll learn about all aspects of a personal training business to include:

  • Deciding if a Personal Training Business is Right for You

  • Finance

  • The Personal Trainer’s Business Plan

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Customer Service

  • Operations

You’ll learn unique methods for how to maximize your capacity and double your income potential. 

You’ll learn how to be efficient, organized, and systematize your business.

You’ll learn about modern digital marketing techniques and systems.

You’ll learn a proven consultative sales process combined with a high retention billing method and multiple revenue streams options.

You’ll learn about business finance and get simple tools to help you easily manage your business’ bookkeeping and money.

This course includes a multitude of learning styles and materials as well as downloads and worksheets to help you work through the process of establishing or fine tuning all of your business systems to help you run an efficient and profitable personal training business.  Additionally, if there are any tools or systems you need for your current or future business, you’ll be able to access anything not included in the course with a code for 90% in our store.

We’ll provide you with a manual, worksheets, actual business systems, forms, policies, and assignments to complete at the end of each lesson.  You’ll learn every function of a personal training business inside and out.

Included you’ll find 4 separate in-depth video lessons on:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Google Adwords advertising
  • Building your business blog
  • Self-publishing your own book for credibility and more sales

Here are a couple of video examples:

Get started now by purchasing and going straight to the introduction after purchase to get started.  You’ll be able to access the entire course or select portions applicable to your business.  If you would like to move through it faster, you’ll be able to do so or go slower at your own pace.  There’s no time limit and you’ll be able to access into the future with no expiration date.