Complete Personal Training Business Model Package

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Do you have an interest in fitness?

Do you like teaching others?

Have you ever thought of taking those interests into business for yourself as a fitness entrepreneur, but maybe don’t know how?

In 2013, the weight loss market alone topped $66 BILLION!

That’s BILLION with a HUGE CAPITAL letter “B.” 

And it’s only expected to continue to grow massively for the foreseeable future.

Good news for you.  These files are going to contain everything you’ll need to get into that market.  It’s literally turn key.  I’m an entrepreneur in several fields.  One of them I’ve spent a lot of time in is the fitness industry and have worked up to Master Trainer status and a mentor for other fitness professionals.

We’ve taken our entire personal training company and packaged it all up for you to purchase and implement yourself right away.  This is going to save you a huge amount of time and money and, most of all, mistakes.

The fitness industry is unregulated.  We can do literally whatever we want.  Most who get into it don’t go about it seriously.  I’m a businessman first who happened to be good at the technical skills too.  As such, I’ve been able to document and systematize all the functions of a personal trainer’s business.  This model can be adapted for training out of client homes and offices, in the gym, or out of your own studio or larger gym.

This package is full of all of the tools you’ll need or can imagine.  You’re set up for success right from the get go.  There’s no building phase, no gathering resources, no writing your own forms and policies.  It’s all here.

The main components are broken into two guides.

  1. The Personal Trainer’s Manual. The art and science of serving clients.
  2. The Personal Trainer’s Business Guide.

Both of these manuals are instantly downloadable and contain a variety of mediums to learn from including additional audio and video.









The trainer’s manual gives you your own ready made philosophy and methods you can read and absorb for implementation tomorrow.  You can take the science and well established principles and apply it to the type of equipment you and your clients have available.  You can put your own spin on it to make it your own when you deliver your excellent service to your clients.

Let’s go over more of what’s included.

The Technical Fitness Information Folder

  • The Personal Trainer’s Manual contains an entire philosophy of methods centered around science and well established principles.  Extra sections for advanced technique training, manual resistance training, and working with post-rehabilitation clients.
  • Our video library of hundreds of individual exercise demonstrations, full routines, and advanced techniques.
  • A nutritional manual and ebook you can hand out to your clients.  Contains formulas for metabolism and other measures as well as a sample meal plan (not for resale).
  • A book outlining the home based version of exercises including modifications and progressions (not for resale).
  • Exercise picture demonstrations database.
  • A calorie tracking spreadsheet tool you can email to your clients. Or print and hand out.
  • A progress chart to keep track of client performance.  Contains room for body weight, circumference measurements, and body fat percentage measures.
  • And a guide for making some simple homemade equipment devices you can use in home or at client homes.


The Fitness Business Folder

progress chartcalorie tracker pic

  • The Personal Trainer’s Business Guide. Contains all business systems from administrative concerns to a sales process to continuously marketing your service and prospecting for new clients.  Business plan, marketing plan worksheets, accounting principles, office/studio space checklist, networking/prospecting scripts, and customer service principles are all included.  Everything is in Word document form so it’s easy for you to copy and customize.
  • An additional folder containing everything you need to hire more trainers to work in your business with you.  All the tools you’ll need from the application and offer letter all the way through to their exit interview.  Including tax and legal forms.
  • A massive folder of sample business contracts and legal forms any small business may need.  Media and technology to banking, corporate formalities, and real estate forms.
  • Your safety and preventative measures of a medical crisis plan and incident report forms.  Policies and liability waivers are included in client consultation forms.
  • An 8 part audio series on how to easily set up your Wordpress fitness website/blog including installation, configuration, effective use, and extras like plug ins.
  • A Powerpoint sales booklet or presentation you can use to sell prospects in the field.  A FAQ list of 26 questions consumers should ask or want to know before hiring you or other fitness professionals.  Customize this list to set yourself apart from the competition.
  • A marketing materials folder containing much of what you will need to get started including flyer templates, ready made Powerpoint presentation templates, marketing promotions calendar, marketing campaigns database, corporate wellness proposal template, gift certificate template, follow up process for leads and networking, and “ask the trainer form” code for your website.  And a special marketing and branding presentation for PT departments.
  • There is nothing left out here.  You will be more than prepared to open for business immediately.
Repeat business from happy clients!









I have worked with Chris on a professional level and took one of his correspondence courses in high intensity training and purchased 2 of his books. I found them to be very helpful and comprehensive and learned a great deal about proper exercise performance. Chris also gave me guidance on my business on a 1 to 1 call. I would recommend Chris to anyone seeking to improve their Business and certainly to help stand out as a personal trainer. – Nigel Lyons Personal Trainer

“Being a member of the Sports Performance and Resistance Training Association (S.P.A.R.T.A.) has helped me as a personal trainer because it gives me all the components needed for success and longevity in the personal training field.  Chris Lutz is a master of his craft!  His extreme knowledge of anatomy and physiology shines through in his training as well as his teaching. He exemplifies the utmost professionalism and expects the same of his trainers.  It works and I am truly pleased to be a member of S.P.A.R.T.A.!” – Theresa Shields Personal Trainer 

Chris Lutz is a powerful influence in the fitness industry. He is constantly working to better the profession by providing valuable information to trainers and clients. He understands how to make the fitness business work, and he is an outstanding resource for any trainer who wants to learn how to make more money. He is incredibly professional and shows a genuine interest in everyone he works with. Chris is exactly the kind of person we need to help elevate the entire industry. – Jim Kielbaso Speed & Strength Coach, Author, Director – Total Performance, Business Consultant

I quickly sensed that Chris was a uniquely talented individual and someone with whom I wanted to partner. He is a businessman with extremely fine character, solid judgment and unquestionable personal integrity. Chris has mastered his industry and is now widely considered a leader and driver of change. He is a prolific creator, builder, innovator, and serial entrepreneur. I see no boundaries to what Chris can accomplish in life. He is exceptional in all regards: a gem of a partner and the finest, most trustworthy friend. When someone like Chris crosses your path, take note because you have just met a great and powerful force of nature. – Jennifer Ritchie Payette Life Transformation Author, Innovation Consultant, Entrepreneur, Integrative Health Coach

Chris is a highly educated trainer with a lot of passion for what he does. Being new to the fitness industry, he has been a great mentor for me. – Matt Hirn Owner of Reaction Athletics and Fitness

I have known Chris on a professional level for many years now. Chris has become an inspiring Entrepreneur. Due to his many years actually working in the field as an excellent Trainer, then Manager and now Owner he offers a much wider, more accurate view of the Personal Training Industry. I am impressed by his professionalism and continued strive to add even more value to his business. I would recommend Chris and S.P.A.R.T.A. to any Trainer who is looking break into or expand their existing Training Business. He provides valuable information, and has systemized processes that would take years to refine on your own. – Katy Nordenbrook Director Fairfax Racquet Club and Fitness Center

“Chris Lutz is an incredibly skilled and dedicated professional. He trained me for 4 years and each time I worked with him, besides the extreme knowledge he has about training, he would do his best to educate me more as a personal trainer on each exercise. He has amazing passion for his work.”
-Tina Duffy Personal Trainer 

Additional Tools and Services for Success:

Other materials you’ll get inside include tools that are going to help you operate a professional fitness business?

  • A free month of online training service.
  • A month of email marketing for $1.
  • A special system for billing clients for consistent cash flow and maximum retention.
  • A report on how you can DOUBLE what other trainers make per hour.
  • 4 hours of recorded consulting sessions with a new personal trainer.
  • And a done for you, already written book/ebook on weight training that you can private label with your own brand.  Feel free to re-write, edit, re-brand this book all you want.  You can sell it, build credibility fast, and get your information out to the world quickly.
  • Lastly, you’ll receive 4 free hour long consulting calls to help you get set up and implement everything you’ll be acquiring here.  After purchase, simply contact us and we’ll set up your first call right away.

This is a ton of work and years of effort already completed for you.  If you recognize good business opportunities, this is certainly a great one.  

The fitness industry is great to get into because it is low cost, low barrier for entry, and allows you to work hours that may suit your schedule better.  You can work in a variety of environments or even online.

There is a massive amount of information, completed work, value, time and effort here.  


Get your fitness business model now!

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