Get More Leads and Clients Prospecting System for Personal Trainers


Through the use of several simple tools and worksheets here, you’ll be able to have a set system in place for continually tapping your network you already have for new leads and moving them along to actual paying clients.  Your network is likely bigger than you think.  And the multiples of people that each person you know knows is even bigger.  You could have a very large sphere of influence without realizing it and it’s full of people who may be good candidates for your service.

This package will help walk you through the process of establishing that networks and sphere of influence visually as well as help you keep track of your numbers so you know how many people you have to come into contact with on average before a person becomes a paying client.  It will also comes with a pre-qualification system to help you weed out any poor candidates so you don’t waste time, effort, and money on people who are never going to buy from you.  When you finally do meet a person for a trial or consultation, you can be confident knowing that they are right for you as a customer and a better chance than not that they will sign up right then.

All prospecting worksheets, market development, goal setting, scripts, and lead qualification questions at a reduced package rate.

-Market Development worksheet-Develop your sphere of influence! This tool will help you realize and develop your entire network. The bigger your network, the bigger pool of prospects you have to pull from for more new clients. .

-Prospecting goal setting-Obviously, prospecting should not be your only marketing effort, but by using this tool, you could depend on it for most of the year’s revenue. You’ll start with your annual revenue goal in mind and work backwards to determine how many contacts you need to make to reach your goal. If you have your numbers right, statistically over the course of a year, you’ll reach your goal.

-Lead qualification questions-And don’t waste time with leads that are not suited for you. With our lead qualification questions included, you can seamlessly work them into the initial conversation with the prospect to determine the likelihood that they will buy from you when they do come in for their consultation.

-Revenue accountability worksheet-Don’t waste time doing things in your business that are not bringing in the dollars for you. Use this tool to more effectively stay on task and document your activities that BRING YOU REVENUE! Hold yourself accountable to certain revenue producing activities daily.

You know that contacting prospects is an effective marketing tool, but you don’t know what to say. Combine these personal trainer prospecting scripts with our other prospecting tools to contact everyone in your sphere of influence to drum up all the warm prospects that would like to buy a personal training program from you. Don’t sit back and wait for referrals to come to you, go and penetrate your existing market. Note: This is not cold calling. You are contacting people you know already and have probably networked with recently or are already in your network to drum up warm leads for your personal training business. Never wing it. Script everything. These scripts are perfect for the personal training industry to develop new leads and gain more clients!

You can use these scripts in person, on the phone, in email, or a combination.

Lead qualification questions also included. Pre-qualify 100% of your prospects! Don’t waste your time on those who are not your target market or are not likely to sign up with you.

-Prospecting worksheets, scripts, and lead qualification questions.