Personal Trainer Studio/Office Space Checklist


Are you ready to take the next step and open your own facility or studio location? Be sure that you go in prepared! You'll want to have a list of all of your requirements when you go to look at office space or meet with a commercial realtor.

There is nothing worse than some minor, but CRUCIAL requirement you forgot to mention or didn't think of ahead of time delaying or prohibiting your acquisition of studio space. It happens! It has happened to us multiple times. Some plans and transactions have been stretched out for 9 months or longer because of these very issues. We've even had to move away to neighboring states because the locations we were talking to couldn't meet our requirements.

Things like climate control, location, what floor of the building, rent, security, entry, exit, bathrooms, parking, phone, internet, kitchen, bathrooms, showers, layout, build out, lease stipulations, and especially, ZONING all have to be considered in part and in whole.

Any one of those things could be a deal breaker. Don't waste time on prospective properties that won't pan you for you in the end. Go in with a plan and be prepared in your search. It will take a long time and it is a difficult process, so don't make it any longer than it needs to be.

Get this simple office/studio space check list for your personal training business and know what you'll need ahead of time and only pursue those properties that best match your requirements. Many people don't take the fitness industry seriously for understandable reasons. That kind of attitude can inhibit your ability to rent space from a landlord. You'll look much more professional to a landlord going in if you're prepared.

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