Ultimate Speed Development Program

If you’re a coach or an athlete looking for the best ways to develop greater speed, you’ve got to take a look at Jim Kielbaso’s:


Do you know why most speed training programs don’t work?

1. They don’t address speed mechanics effectively. Either the coach doesn’t understand them, doesn’t know how to teach them, or simply doesn’t address them. This is absolutely critical when training for speed.

2. The coach/author doesn’t understand how to optimally manipulate rest and intensity to maximize your results. This program uses Jim Kielbaso’s Intensity Manipulation Method to ensure that you perform the proper amount of high intensity work without overtraining. This method alone will make the difference and improve speed in just six weeks.

3. The coach/author doesn’t really train athletes. That’s right, many online programs are written by internet marketers who don’t really work with athletes to develop, refine and test the techniques and programs they sell.

Not here.

When it comes to speed training, Jim Kielbaso literally wrote the book. His book Speed & Agility Revolution was the first to break down the mechanics involved in sprinting, acceleration and agility movements into easy-to-understand terms that athletes could apply.

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Imagine this:
Being two steps faster on every play next season.
Jumping higher than you ever have.
Cutting so quickly you out-maneuver your opponents with ease.
Being in such great shape that you dominate through an entire game.

Most speed training programs use time-wasting drills, progress at the wrong rate, don’t teach you HOW to run faster (mechanics) and use strength training concepts from the 1800’s.

This program gives you detailed protocols that take you step by step through every workout. Using the Intensity Manipulation Method, the exercises, number of reps and rest periods have been carefully developed through years of experience so all of your speed workouts will produce results. Everything in the program has been scientifically proven and the real-world results are undeniable.

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