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3 Selling Strategies Every Personal Trainer Can Automate

Since most of us as personal trainers don’t like the act of selling very much, wouldn’t it be nice to automate parts of the sales process we don’t like doing?  You can take some of the leg work out of the process and only deal directly with people who are good candidates when they come in to see you.  In that moment, you can be confident that you don’t have to put on some show or use an arsenal of combative sales tricks to try to close the person.  You can be calm and comfortable know that they are likely a good client and there’s a better chance than not that they will end up signing up.

In our experience, most trainers look at people as either a client or not.  And that’s really missing the boat when it comes to the sales process.  If you use any kind of consultation process, there is likely 10 stages to your sales pipeline.  There is a lot that you have to manage between a group of random suspects in your local population and an actual paying client giving your repeat business and referring others.  Getting any given person from one stage to the other requires about 8 other stages in between.  If you don’t know that or if you aren’t managing your sales pipeline that way, you’re likely leaving money on the table and losing leads that you worked hard to get.  Luckily, with the right tools, you can automate a lot of that process.  So if you don’t like it, or forget to do things like follow ups, automation tools will take care of that for you.  Probably better than you or another person can because it will be on time and mistake free.

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Personal Trainer Business Plan Template and Guide – $34.99 : S.P.A.R.T.A. Personal Trainer Store

We’ve updated our Personal Trainer Business Plan Template and Guide with 2 additional bonus items.

1.  An Expense Estimate Worksheet

2.  A Profitability Analysis Worksheet

Use these 2 additional items in conjunction with the template and guide to ensure the success of your personal training business.  The expense estimate worksheet will be particularly useful as it’s the small things that add up rather than the large expenses that are easy to see that can determine if you’re making money or not.

Even if you’re already in business, it’s good to have a solid plan in place.  Or to reassess your plan every 6 months to a year to make sure you’re still on the right path to your goals.  Click the link below to download your copy of our Personal Trainer Business Plan Template and Guide.

Personal Trainer Business Plan Template and Guide – $34.99 : S.P.A.R.T.A. Personal Trainer Store.

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Pros and Cons to a Mobile Fitness Business

Check out our latest Fitness Professional Show.  The Pros and Cons of a Mobile Fitness Business.






Pros and cons to a mobile fitness business | THE FITNESS PROFESSIONAL SHOW.

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3 Steps to Implementing 30 Minute Sessions.

If you haven’t seen it already, take a second to check out my latest article on Fitness Professional Online: 3 Steps to Implementing 30 Minute Sessions.

Running a business is about being efficient and cost effective. If we take a step back and look at how the average personal training business is run, is there a way we can make them more efficient and cost effective? Yes, it turns out there are probably hundreds of ways to do so. This article will show you one of my favorite ways to program for clients so that they can get excellent results while you work efficiently at the same time.

Metabolic training is a hot term lately. It can stimulate exceptional results in clients that you prescribe it to. In this article, I’ll show you how you can incorporate high intensity metabolic training into your programming by appropriately manipulating your client’s volume of exercise. This little known and used methodology can result in big pay offs to you as a fitness professional. Continue reading 3 Steps to Implementing 30 Minute Sessions.

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How to Double Your Income as a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers: How to Double Your Income as a Personal Trainer

And Give Yourself More Free Time Without Sacrificing Your Personal Training Revenue

I’ve been a trainer for a long time and there are certain things where the formula just has to be figured out and it will allow you to become extremely successful. That’s what we’ve done here and we’ve laid it out in this FREE report.

  • Discover the single biggest mistake personal trainers make which is holding back their earning potential.
  • Learn how to instantly increase your client capacity.
  • Get the exact blueprint for how to make this conversion in your personal training business today!

This isn’t new. We’ve been using this system professionally for over 13 years and we’ve decided that it’s time to let it out there as more people will be open to it now more than ever.

Simply enter your name and email for instant access. Be sure to check your email and confirm by clicking the link in the confirmation email in order to obtain your report. Sit down and give it a read! Don’t save it and never get to it. It could be the biggest favor to your income you ever did.