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Check out my article: Networking For Fitness Professionals-Expert Advice

The staff over at Fitness Professional Online was nice enough to bring me on board as a regular contributor. This month’s issue focuses on client acquisition. And I was glad to contribute an updated article on networking for fitness professionals.

Be sure to visit the site and browse around after reading my networking article by clicking here. Stay tuned for future issues which I’ll post here. Next month’s focus will be back on client programming in which I guarantee I’ll have something unique for you then.

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Making the Most of Your 1 on 1 Networking Meetings with Other Professionals

When you’re out networking you’ll likely be in a group or at some even with many people. It’s possible to develop relationships and get more leads this way, but think of it as a process. Especially if you are a member of a networking group. You’ll have to take it a step further and likely meet with other members and professionals in the area in a 1 on 1 meeting. This allows you to get to know them and their business better and vice versa. You can usually meet them for lunch somewhere neutral. Ideally, if you have a facility, you want to get them to meet you there. You can even offer to bring lunch in for them. But, the purpose is to get them in to see your place and what you do. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, you’ll need to take a couple of steps BEFORE the meeting to maximize the potential value. It’s easy for these meetings to just deteriorate into talking shop and not really getting anything out of it but wasted time and lunch. I’ve used the following steps to keep on track in meetings like this with other professionals. They always comment about how organized, professional, and valuable the meeting was. People will appreciate that and hold you in higher regard. Use these steps yourself in your networking endeavors to stay on track, be more professional, and make the most of it.

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5 Reasons to Mastermind

Below is an excellent article containing 5 great reasons to mastermind. If you don’t know what a mastermind group is, it’s simply a group of professionals who gather to put their heads together and learn and benefit from a group and others in a similar position. If you’re a fitness entrepreneur, you stand to benefit immensely from a group like this. Continue reading 5 Reasons to Mastermind

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Networking for Personal Trainers

Joining the local chamber of commerce. Some say it’s worth it, some say it’s not. The good news is that you’ll likely be one of, if not the ONLY, personal trainer at the events. I rarely see any other fitness businesses when I go and we live in the richest county in the nation, Loudoun County, VA. So our chamber is large. Naturally, the people that see you often at the events will just assume you are the authority on exercise in the area because they don’t see any other trainers out networking. That may be because most trainers don’t like to get out and do a lot of networking face to face, but it is crucial that you move out of your comfort zone if you hope to meet new people and drum up new prospects. Once you get the hang of it, these activities are actually quite fun. I’ve been a member for over 5 years of our’s. There are other organizations besides local chambers that specialize in professional networking like Business Networking International(BNI) among others. It’s been a good experience, but you need to have a strategy in order to be successful. Continue reading Networking for Personal Trainers