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Turn Your Personal Training Business into an Online Product

Have you ever wanted to reach people beyond your locality?  Or maybe you’re just interested in another passive income stream for your personal training business.

You can do that by taking your in-person, local service and turning it into a product.  Preferably an online product.

You probably have years of information, education, and experience in your head that doesn’t do anybody any good unless they live within 15 minutes of you and can afford to pay you your personal training rate.  You know there’s people out there that are looking for this info.  You might even have some unique or special information nobody else has or does that might be in demand.

WE don’t need to go into the how or the why too much.  Putting that stuff into product form isn’t hard.  We’ve all written programs on paper or software.  You need the right tools to host it, market it, gather your leads, sell it, and deliver it.  To date, you can do that with a variety of tools, but there’s one all in one system that already does all of that in one place.

Without a doubt, Infusionsoft is the single best tool most serious marketers use to deliver their products.  Just look at your email inbox.  If you’re worried about the complications of landing pages, autoresponders, shopping carts, etc.  Don’t worry, as I said, it’s all in one.  And you can automate process to make it more passive.  If you think you’re not very tech savvy, don’t worry about that either, these kinds of tools are getting more and more intuitive for the user every day.  And there’s an entire ecosystem of partners, consultants, and experts willing to help and support.

If you’re interested in adding this kind of thing as a revenue stream to your personal training business, I’d encourage you to have a look at a demo from Infusionsoft by clicking here.

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The Fitness Professional’s Complete Guide to Online Training

I’m especially proud of this ebook.  It’s over a year in the making.  My co-author, Lisa Shaughnessy, of Agility Social Cues started it and after some stagnation on it asked me to co-author with her, to which I was happy to do.  I really wanted to read this myself once she was finished with it, but am now glad I got to contribute to it as well.

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Multiple Income Streams for Your Personal Training Business

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you probably know that it’s hard to survive on one product alone. Especially a service like personal training which can be at a premium in many areas. If something were to happen like, say, I don’t know, a global financial crisis (oh wait, that did happen) then it can make it hard for people to feel confident spending a lot on what they still consider “luxury services”. This is where other income streams can come into play and help support the health of your business while other streams my see a decline. Below you’ll find one of the best tools for doing so at a lower price to the consumer, and more time for you. In addition, it can be set to be self guided on auto pilot if you wish and it offers an opportunity for recurring revenue. Continue reading Multiple Income Streams for Your Personal Training Business