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3 Selling Strategies Every Personal Trainer Can Automate

Since most of us as personal trainers don’t like the act of selling very much, wouldn’t it be nice to automate parts of the sales process we don’t like doing?  You can take some of the leg work out of the process and only deal directly with people who are good candidates when they come in to see you.  In that moment, you can be confident that you don’t have to put on some show or use an arsenal of combative sales tricks to try to close the person.  You can be calm and comfortable know that they are likely a good client and there’s a better chance than not that they will end up signing up.

In our experience, most trainers look at people as either a client or not.  And that’s really missing the boat when it comes to the sales process.  If you use any kind of consultation process, there is likely 10 stages to your sales pipeline.  There is a lot that you have to manage between a group of random suspects in your local population and an actual paying client giving your repeat business and referring others.  Getting any given person from one stage to the other requires about 8 other stages in between.  If you don’t know that or if you aren’t managing your sales pipeline that way, you’re likely leaving money on the table and losing leads that you worked hard to get.  Luckily, with the right tools, you can automate a lot of that process.  So if you don’t like it, or forget to do things like follow ups, automation tools will take care of that for you.  Probably better than you or another person can because it will be on time and mistake free.

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3 Lead Generation Strategies Every Personal Trainer Can Automate

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Lead generation and sales are the hardest things for all of us in the fitness business. Take a look at this article from our friends and Infusionsoft on 3 lead generation strategies personal trainers can automate.

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TRX PRO Suspension Trainer

The TRX Pro Suspension Trainer is the strongest, most secure product with durable, easy to clean rubber handles, commercial-grade components and three different types of anchoring solutions for maximum versatility.

This may be the best, and last, piece of fitness equipment you’ll ever use.




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How to Take Credit Cards and Bill Clients Monthly on Automatic

You probably hate selling, right?

Then why put yourself in a position where you have to do it over and over again?

Do you have clients that stretch out packages for a long time?

Wouldn’t you like it if your clients were just automatically renewed for you for repeat business?

We’ll show you how to do that here.

Auto-bill your clients. No more selling individual sessions or packages where you have to re-sell the client at the end for repeat business. Every time you have to re-sell a client, it’s an opportunity for them to quit. Learn how to set them up so that you have better retention and don’t have to worry about selling more than you have to. There are even ways that you can implement it for free and it won’t cost you a dime, you just have to know how.

The big gym chains don’t do a lot right, but they do do 1 thing right and that’s putting members on an automatic draft for their dues. Personal training already has the advantages over large gym memberships in retention, but wouldn’t you like to make your retention even better? This is going to compound that success. Essentially that’s what you’re doing here; putting your clients on a personal training membership vs. packages. They’ll still get the number of sessions they are paying for and won’t be paying for something they aren’t using. On the contrary, this allows you to attach client’s workouts to TIME so that you don’t have clients stretching out packages of sessions for long periods of time.

It can smooth out your cash flow. It will tell you exactly how much is coming in every month. And makes it easier to make future predictions. Best of all, less selling of more packages to the same clients over and over and asking them to keep writing you big checks. You can sell a long term program like a year or just a month at a time, but the key is both clients will be automatically billed and renewed. Leave it to them to tell you when they need to stop or take a break. Don’t give them an opportunity quit by having an END POINT to a package.

This is probably the single most valuable thing we’ve done in our business as far as ease of implementation, cash flow, and retention goes. Our clients like it because it is easy for them and there’s no need to remember their wallet or check book when it’s time to renew. We take 1 payment up front and NEVER BRING IT UP AGAIN until they need to stop or take a break. It’s easy to re-start old clients too with the click of a button.

With regard to selling and retaining your personal training clients, we can’t emphasize enough that this is our billing method of choice. Whatever problems with billing you’ve had in the past, they will be instantly wiped out.

You can convert existing clients easily and all new clients can immediately start on this system.

Automated Recurring Billing (ARB) is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for submitting and managing recurring, or subscription-based, transactions. Create subscriptions manually or in your Web checkout form.

  • Automate customers’ recurring, subscription-based transactions.

  • Eliminate the need to store sensitive data on your computer.

  • Avoid many of the costs associated with manual billing.

  • Never forget to charge a client.

  • Set it up once and there’s virtually no additional labor through the life of the client.

  • View and manage your recurring billing clients.

Running an efficient business is largely about steady and reliable cash flow. ARB is an excellent tool to allow you to smooth out your cash flow and live a more regular life as an entrepreneur.

Find out how to offer your customers recurring
or subscription-based transactions with
Automated Recurring Billing.

Sign up for an account now!

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Personal Trainer Marketing Plan Template and Guide

Do you have a marketing plan for your personal training business? If not, pick up one for your business. Failure to plan is planning to fail!

Follow this template and guide to implement a successful marketing strategy for your personal training business. There are 16 low or no cost marketing efforts INCLUDED to get you started.

It will help you work through the process and develop a comprehensive, action taking plan for marketing your business.

Clearly define your:

Target market
Niches you want to serve
Revenue goals
And more

Also get Our “How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan” eBook guide.

Save thousands of dollars by learning how to prepare your own marketing plan that is unique to your business objectives and goals.

There is no longer a need to pay a small fortune for a marketing plan or neglect preparing one because you cannot afford it. You now can do it yourself!

We are giving you the opportunity to create your marketing plan like a pro so that it is taken seriously by others when it is needed for loans, investments or other areas to benefit your business.

And this marketing plan will also act as a guide and an instrumental tool in effectively increasing market share and developing a thriving, successful fitness or personal training business.

Download a copy of the “How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan” guide and workbook today so you can start reading it right away.

Once you complete your purchase, you can download the guide immediately in a PDF file and the workbook in a DOC file to get started on making that great marketing plan.

Get a Personal Trainer Marketing Plan Template and Guide Here