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Personal Training Company Employee Handbook (Manual) Template

Congratulations! You’ve grown enough to hire employees in your personal training business. Now you need to train them properly and communicate your business culture, policies, and expectations to them. You need an employee handbook for your personal training business. But, you don’t want to sit down and write another book do you? Save yourself loads of time and energy.

Simply purchase ours! A good general employee handbook that can be customized to fit the needs of any personal training business. Plus, bonuses employee acknowledgment form and exit interview included.

Table of Contents

Standard Employment Practices

At Will Employment

Equal Employment Opportunity

Employment Eligibility

Introductory Period

Background Checks

Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment

Employee & Client Fraternization

Substance Abuse


Dress Code & Promotional Materials

Standards of Conduct



Conflict of Interest

and Intellectual Property

Appropriate Use of Technology

Appropriate Use

Maintaining Confidential Information

Attendance and Leave

General Attendance


Absences or Leave

Attendance at Promotional Events & Seminars


Direct Deposit

Payroll Deductions

Personnel Information

Time Sheets

Workplace Safety

Workers Compensation

Client Injury

Job Performance & Requirements

Initial Training Program

Certification and Education


Administrative Procedures

Recruiting New Clients

HIPAA and Client Data

Client Appointments

Client Cancellation Policy

Everything you could possibly need to convey your vision of how you want to run your business to your employees. Just simply customize the information to your business. This is an electronic downloadable copy you can adapt and print off for your employees.  Click here to download immediately. 

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Branding 101: Five Tips for Solopreneurs (Personal trainers)

In the link below, you’ll see a cool short article about what to think about while branding your business as a solopreneur.  Normally, brand marketing works best for very large companies with instant name recognition like Coke.  But, that’s not to say that you can’t make good use of it too as a smaller operation especially if you have plans to be a much larger operation some day.  You are thinking big aren’t you? Continue reading Branding 101: Five Tips for Solopreneurs (Personal trainers)