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Master trainer, Chris Lutz, assisting in a bench press exercise.
Master Trainer, Chris Lutz, assisting in a
bench press exercise.


Get everything you need to run and operate your personal training business in a professional manner.  Only $197.  Here's what you get: 

 Client intake forms and consultation process

  • Health history
  • Liability waiver
  • Employee handbook
  • Progress charts
  • Credit card form...
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Other New Items:

S.P.A.R.T.A. provides premium personal training services in the Metro DC area and are based in Herndon, VA. Are you interested in...

 Higher metabolism,
 Losing fat,
Improving body shape,
Increasing strength and endurance,
 Gaining muscle,
Better sports performance,
Or improving functional ability through high intensity training (HIT)?

Our trainers will create an individual program for you through one-on-one sessions two to three times per week at your home gym or your company fitness center.  

All S.P.A.R.T.A. trainers have been certified and have completed advanced education in S.P.A.R.T.A. Training™. They are experts in high intensity training (HIT) providing meaningful muscular and cardio-respiratory exercise in an efficient time period.

Personal Training

Personal Training

We offer one-on-one personal training, in home training, and online training using our high intensity training methodology.

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Small Group

Boot Camp

Enjoy group fitness with our small group style of high intensity training.

Small Group Information
Online Training

Online Fitness Training

Our online solution provides personalized fitness and meal tracking.  Perform your high intensity training right in your own home if you like.
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