Homestead Designs

Your Family, Family+Friends Homestead sized Food Forest Landscape Design will be designed by our partners at Food Forest Abundance with consideration of your climate, planting zone, topography, space, as well as to the beauty, functionality, and abundance you wish to have.

This design will dive into greater detail on animal integration, annual food production systems, perennial food production systems, water management and help you understand how to convert your property and family from consumers to producers. The pricing is based on the desired size of your food forest design space (not your total lot size). A site visit is very helpful with larger and more detailed homestead designs. We can accommodate a site where our network of designers and installers allow.

Once you’ve purchased your Food Forest┬áHomestead Design, one of our certified permaculture designers will reach out to you to start the design process.

Soil Fertility Program recommended with all design orders.